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A2 - G2 high-speed machine double group of eight punch Leather punching machine punching machine

(1) type gantry structure
Unique fixed type gantry structure, stability, the punch will not damage the ball screw. This kind of excellent structure design is to ensure that the equipment can be used more than ten years. This design also effectively reduce the noise at the same time, make working environment more comfortable.
(2) CNC precision machining
The core of the whole equipment parts adopt CNC precision processing, equipment of tolerance within + / - 0.02 MM, to ensure that the punching processing accuracy is + / - 0.1 MM.
Punch structure adopts the special material of parts to reduce friction, minimize wear and tear, in qualitative research on the company invested a lot of energy.
(3) the Taiwan PMI grinding screw
PMI grinding screw machine transmission part adopts Taiwan, precision level C3 level, effectively guarantee the punching accuracy. We position machine positioning in the high-end customers, different quality different nature.
(4) the French schneider low voltage electrical components
Simple operation buttons also unequivocally, all adopt the French schneider elements.
(5) patent dust collection system
Adventist development unique waste collection system, won the national utility model patent certificate.
First, the use of the waste collection system, let the work place clean and tidy.
Second, the waste materials scattered on the leather, will lead to some places cannot be rushed through, waste collection system can effectively solve the problem.
(6) professional line layout
Professional people do professional thing. Reasonable electrical components layout, excellence work attitude here take in everything in a glance.
(7) independent research and development of punching can upgrade the software
Adventist development independent research and development of CNC punching software, has been to imitate, has never been surpassed and Adventist development with 100% of the intellectual property rights.
Because we are the source of the developer, we can make the software more and more powerful and practical, provide upgrade service to our customers.
(8) is a powerful equipment monitoring and control system
Powerful equipment monitoring alarm system, insides are shown here, convenient and quick troubleshooting.
(9) error compensation
Unique error compensation value, let the error disappears, leaving precision
(10) humanistic path optimization program
Three kinds of punching path optimization program, humanized design, to ensure efficient and at the same time also can effectively solve the leather telescopic precision problem.
(11) resuming
Power failure or other reasons led to the suspension of punching, resuming develop function can easily solve this problem, reduce the loss for the customer.

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