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Manual for Correct Use of Digital Punching Machine
From: Dongguan Anze Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-09-08

1, if the digital punching machine is multiple work, there is a oil road switch on each cylinder, only one oil road switch can be turned on at a time to work, and multiple oil road switches can not be turned on at the same time, otherwise it will result in insufficient pressure. Slow.
2, after the mold is installed, insert into the pipe for punching. It is strictly forbidden to rush when there is no pipe, otherwise it will damage the mold.
3, when punching the hole, if it does not punch back automatically, please move the bottom close to the switch down.
4, in the half hole, if the upper hole is not punched back automatically, please move the middle close to the switch down, if it has rushed to the bottom of the tube, please move the middle close to the switch up.
5, punch hole when difficult, check whether the blade of the punch needle has been passivated, if it has been passivated please remove the punch needle to grind, or buy a new punch from the digital punch manufacturer.
6, the temperature of hydraulic oil should be controlled between 30 ~ 60 °C. When the weather is cold, it should be turned on for a period of time; When perforating continuously for a long time, the oil temperature should be often checked for overheating; Don't work all day in hot summer, avoid midday heat.
After 10,000 hours of work or after four years of use(first come first), please replace the hydraulic fluid and check whether the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic pump is damaged.


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