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Which leather punch brand is good?
From: Dongguan Anze Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-09-08

Anze leather punching machine adopts advanced numerical control technology, electronic technology and software technology. CNC technology is one of the core contents of advanced manufacturing technology and is developing toward high-speed, high-precision, multifunctional, intelligent, systematic and high reliability. Digital leather punching machine uses numerical control technology, automatic typesetting, automatic scanning, precise position, simple and convenient control; And it can be used for a variety of patterns, but also through computer simulation, imitation. The mechanical leather punching machine uses modern technology and many years of accumulated punching machinery technology, the operation size is accurate, and the work efficiency is high.
In terms of electronic technology, the leather punching machine adopts PLC control system and can achieve real-time control. In addition, in software technology, the use of interactive human-machine interface, easy to operate, reliable operation, pattern design is using CAD and CorelDraw software to draw, imported into the dedicated stamping software, for editing.
In summary, the design of the leather punching machine is bound to cause a sensation in the leather punching industry. With its rapid mobility, accurate positioning accuracy, and efficient mass production, it has received strong support and consistent praise from many companies.
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